Monday, July 3, 2017

Approximation and Guessing

Diagram of the Slope Room

For this assignment, I worked with JJ and Bill. We were assigned to find out the measurements of the Slope Room on the 3rd floor. We found out that the tiles on the floor were around 1 foot long so we counted them. The Slope Room was an improper rectangle. It was a rectangle with another smaller rectangle sticking out on the bottom of the right side as shown above. We split the Slope room into two parts. Part 1 is the main rectangle and Part 2 is the smaller rectangle.

Method - Counting the Number of 1-foot tiles on the floor.

Slope Room Part 1

  • Length - 39 tiles/ feet
  • Breadth - 27 tiles/ feet

Slope Room Part 2
  • Length - 13 tiles/ feet
  • Breadth - 8 tiles/ feet


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